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Need Good Luck and Help in Healing?

Turn your luck and attitude around. If you have a positve focal point, it helps you clarify your desire and form goals. Positive thinking, Meditation, using the Law of Attraction, Prayer, Crystals, Objects of Intention, Good Luck objects, & other practices such as Emotional Freedom Techniques can help us improve our health, our finances and relationships. Join our FB group Power, Prosperity and Love.

Science Has Proven

People perform better when they have a good luck item.  It gives us  the confidence we need to perform better. Studies also show that people who were prayed for, got well faster than people who were not prayed for. It helps to have an object such as a crystal healing pendant to focus healing thoughts upon. Also, spiritual jewelry and crystal healing pendants are objects that are helpful in goal setting and focusing intention.

We Can Help

Jane Wood Branam, PhD is an author, relationship educator and has a series of 1-2 minute videos on YouTube. Positive Affirmations for Prosperity, Positive Affirmations for Health & Wealth, Mental Makeover Month, Next Level Living and Moving Forward. Former college professor, Dr. Branam owns 3 businesses and is happily married. She has traveled extensively and learned about good luck customs around the world.

Good Luck Items, Talismans & Amulets

I talk about Malachite and its properties, using a Blue bead to prevent car accidents & a Tibetan Silver Dagger Talisman.


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We believe in using tools to help us get well emotionally and physically.  None of these tools are meant to be used in place of medical professional advice or medications. They are  used as an additional tool in your arsenal. They can also be used to help you focus, set goals and achieve them. Not to be used by children or people who may not have the competence to use objects with a sharp point.

I am also a LipSense & SeneGence Distributor

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